Yellow flappy bird

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Flying bird game called FlappybiJRd. Flap your wings and fly as far as you can.

Fly as far as you can and earn points by passing through the pillars. Advance to harder levels the longer you flap and fly the bird.

You have 3 different difficulties to play: slow, normal or fast.
On normal you have double the amount of blinking pillars compared to slow.
On fast you have moving pillars through which you need to send the flappy bird.

To play, simply click Start and tap anywhere on the screen to fly. Tap again to flap your wings and to keep your bird in the air.

Sign in to the google play services to get your points on the leader board, earn achievements and to compare your score with your friends.

Get a free life and continue where you stopped by watching a small video ad. You can do this 3 times per game.

On the settings screen you can mute the game sounds
as well as hide the "level change" display every time you advance to a new level.
You will also find a link to a manual explaining how the game works.

The name FlappybiJRd was created using the developer’s initials as part of the name (JR).

Keep the bird flapping and enjoy the game.

Send feedback or suggestions to flappybiJRd@gmail.com